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Research Paper Due Dates are as follows:

*Draft #1 - Section A April 22nd / Sections B, C, D, & E April 23rd

Draft #2 - Sections A & B April 24th / Sections C, D, & E April 27th

Final Draft - Sections A & B April 29th / Sections C, D, and E April 30th

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As we begin our unit on the American Revolutionary War, keep the following questions in mind:

  1. Who were some influential individuals during the time of the American Revolution?
  2. How did some political, religious, and social institutions influence the American Revolution?
  3. How did the Americans defeat the British in the American Revolution?

As we complete this unit, you will be completing a research paper on a topic of your choosing. Here are some links that can help you as you do your research.

Important Documents

Research Paper Guide

Citation Quick Guide

Declaration of Independence & Articles of Confederation Notes


Links MLA Citation

UNC Writing Center

C.W. Post

Honolulu Community College

For Information and Links to The Revolutionary War CLICK HERE


The research method we will be using is called The BIG 6. There are 6 steps to this research method. They are:

Task Definition: In the task definition stage, students need to determine what is expected from the assignment.

Information Seeking Strategies: Once students know what’s expected of them, they need to identify the resources they will need to solve the task as defined. This is information seeking.

Location & Access: Next, the students must find potentially useful resources. This is location and access, the implementation of the information seeking strategy.

Use of Information: Use of information requires the students to engage the information (e.g., read it) and decide how to use it (e.g., in text or in a footnote).

Synthesis: Synthesis requires the students to repackage the information to meet the requirements of the task as defined.

Evaluation: Finally, students need to evaluate their work on two levels before it is turned in to the teacher. Students need to know if their work will meet their teacher’s expectations for (1) quality and (2) efficiency.

These steps don't have to be done in order but you must complete all 6 steps to use this method correctly. For more information on The BIG 6, click here.


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